A Fond Farewell to our Resident Foodie Rebecca

Saying goodbye is never easy. Today, FOX CITIES Magazine says goodbye to several of our interns here at FOX CITIES Magazine. We’ll miss them. We’ve seen them develop as writers and they have become important parts of the team.

As they head back to school and look forward to new challenges, we’ve asked them to share some final thoughts before they go.

Some final words from Rebecca Turchan:

Another summer has passed by, each one seeming shorter than the last. I mean, think about it. When you’re five years old, a year seems like forever  because it’s one fifth of your entire life. At age 21, that fraction is much smaller, and it feels smaller. Even so, I’ve accomplished more than ever. I haven’t had as much of a blog presence as I did last year (though, shameless self promotion, I am still blogging regularly over here), simply because I’ve had more responsibilities in the print magazine.

As a returning intern, not only was I writing more, I was also helping the new interns find their way around the inner workings of the magazine. I especially enjoyed working with my fellow intern Siri, her wit and intelligence keeping me on my toes everyday.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to come back to a place with which I was familiar, but still be presented with new, challenging tasks. I’ll soon be returning to Minnesota for my final year of college, a prospect that is a little bit terrifying. And after that? I’m not sure. I won’t pretend I have everything figure out. I’d love to continue doing magazine work, both print and online, but we will have to wait and see what life throws at me. I don’t mind a curveball once in a while.


Not to be outdone, her counterpart Siri Pairin also has some final thoughts. You can read those here.

We’ll miss them both. They helped us through a period of transition this summer and we appreciate the professionalism and eagerness they brought to the job. We sish them the best of luck and expect to see big things from both of them.

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