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Siri steps into the surprising world of repurposed furniture with with her visit to Urban Evolutions.


The second stop on my list of sustainable places to visit was Urban Evolutions in Menasha.
Located on Valley Road, the UE building itself was pretty misleading; from the street, it looked like an ordinary warehouse in front of a lumberyard. When I stepped through the doors and into the warehouse, however, it was like I’d been transported to Narnia.
King-size beds with colorful pillows and rustic headboards sat among old forgotten trunks and shelves made of old crates.
I wasn’t sure what I wanted more; to buy everything in the store or just move in.
Supplying home renovations with reclaimed wood and timbers, UE promotes the reuse and recycling of materials to create new pieces of furniture or parts of a home.
“We take old school slate and turn it into chalkboards or coasters or cheeseboards,” says UE co-owner, Robin Janson.
Using repurposed wood in renovation projects can promote a sustainable use of resources and prevent the overuse of new materials. From flooring to shelving to dining tables, Urban Evolutions puts its reclaimed wood to unique and functional use.

Here are some of my favorite pieces in the store:
Italian Farmhouse Bed
Gym Floor Tables and Benches
Timber Slab Coffee Table
Antique Pine Farmhouse Benches


Recycling materials like old doors or floorboards not only saves the production of new timber, it gives the pieces a second chance and a new life. Many of Urban Evolutions’ pieces hold just as much historical value as they do sustainable potential.
Enlightening me about sustainable use of resources, my visit to Urban Evolutions left me hopeful that more people will start to recycle old materials and invest in reclaiming.
What are some ways that you recycle?

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