Ms. Villaire Goes to Washington

Intern Alyssa will be saying goodbye for the summer, but not to worry! She will return in the fall with even more things to blog about…

Starting with this entry, my blog series on events celebrating diversity in the Fox Cities will be on hiatus until the middle of September. I’m very fortunate to be working with the Washington Office on Latin America in Washington, DC this summer as a policy intern. I will have the opportunity to work with policy experts at this non-profit organization, where I’ll be performing research on the drug trade and arms trafficking within Latin America and between Latin America and the United States.

Come September, I’ll return to Appleton to begin my senior year at Lawrence University, and I’m happy to report that I’ll also be returning to FOX CITIES Magazine. So, until then, I wish all the readers a fantastic summer!

—By Alyssa Villaire

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