Off and Running

Editorial intern and running enthusiast Sara will take you through the best running trails the Fox Cities has to offer in her new blog series…

When I started running cross-country in 7th grade, I became surprisingly in love with the sport. I never would have guessed that I would stay on the team every year until my senior year of high school, creating memorable friendships and past-times along the way. I began to love the feeling of running and the intense satisfaction (or, runner’s high) that comes over you after a good run. What I enjoyed most about being on the team were the practices; we always did different work-outs at different places, and it was always fun. Well, sometimes not so fun, but I always felt really good about myself after it was over.

Guess which one I am? Top row, third from the right.

I was never as fond of the meets, though. Anxiety and excitement always came over me while I was waiting for that gun to go off. Some of those moments during the 5K, which was always the length of the course, had me thinking that I literally couldn’t go on. I may as well have thought that I was going to fall over right there in the middle of the woods and my coach would have to come get me. I do admit, once or twice I may have over-exaggerated a knee injury during the run. But hey, give me a break! I was a kid 🙂 But for the most part, after I was done with a race that brought me to my knees and made me breathe harder than I ever had, I was so intensely satisfied and proud of myself. I learned that pain really is a very good thing, and that if you work through it, amazing things can happen.

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself, what is this blog really about? Don’t worry, it’s not a biography on my life, even though that could be interesting. No, I am actually going to try and give you guys some valuable insight, tips, tricks, and maybe tell a few stories about running in the Fox Cities.

There are so many beautiful jogging paths and parks around here, so I am going to hit them up and blog about it: which ones really cater to runners, which have the best views, and just my findings on the area. I personally am really excited to start this journey because I have some favorite running spots in my Minnesota hometown, but since I have came to the Fox Cities for school, I’ve stayed pretty much on campus. I am pumped to get out there and find some new favorite running spots, and maybe my findings will create new running or work-out spots for you, as well!

I am going to post again soon, so keep your eyes peeled for my first place of adventure!

Feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite places to run in the Fox Cities.

—By Sara Stein

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