Andrew’s Farewell

Editorial intern Andrew graduates from college and his FCM internship, but not without sharing some of his most valued lessons learned…

I suppose this is it, my last blog post for FOX CITIES Magazine. It’s hard to believe I have been here since August. It went by so fast. Before I bid adieu I feel like I should share some things I have learned during my stint here:

1.) The train is always on schedule.
2.) The more times you say “salsa,” the funnier it gets.
3.) While you might consider Gardettos to be a sufficient brunch time snack, your peers might not feel the same and tease you promptly in good spirit. I love rye chips, all I’m saying.
4.) Fire marshals are real people who actually come in and inspect buildings. Here I thought it was a myth.
5.) Using a GPS to find an interviewee’s house doesn’t help if the batteries are dead. On a related note, Google Maps > Mapquest
6.) There’s a ton of cool restaurants in the area that the FCM staff has been to. If I ever need a cool idea for a date I know who I am asking.
7.) The cord that connects a Mac computer to the outlet is easily kicked loose. Save your work after every paragraph.
8.) Pineapples have trouble growing in an office.
9.) Pizza is a harder topic to write about than you might think.
10.) At any hour of any day there is most likely an event going on in the Fox Cities. Trust me on this one, my email is [email protected]. I think I would know.

In all seriousness, I took a lot from my internship here. I learned how to write creatively, yet be informative at the same time. I learned how to ask better questions to get richer answers. Most of all, I learned that the Fox Cities is a pretty great place to live because there’s something for everyone here.

Working here has reassured me that I chose the right career path. Who would have thought I would have fun writing? If my 10-year-old self could see me now. I had a ton of fun at FOX CITIES Magazine and I would do it all over again, but next time I think I’ll pack a real lunch.

—By Andrew Scholz

Best of luck in your post-university pursuits, Andrew! We know you’ll do great. Visit us any time.

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