Sean hits the road

Our youngest intern (possibly ever) says goodbye as he heads off to his first year of college at UW-Milwaukee. 

Another summer come, another gone. This one was spent interning. The pleasure of working for this magazine is felt now, as I recall the ins and outs of what I have done here, and my last day is slipping by quickly; the minutes are flying by. Soon, I will be found on the UW-Milwaukee campus, another college freshman, mixed into the scene with the other students. With a student population of around 23,000, obscurity is one of the first feelings that come to mind, and the challenge of finding an outlet in the much larger setting sounds invigorating. I cannot wait to explore.

What I want to do is write more, and from that, construct a career. Possibly, in the near future, I’ll be writing for the UWM Post, which is a weekly publication. For it, I have no idea of what I’ll be covering. In a city like Milwaukee, I will encounter much more and I very much look forward to the opportunities it harbors. Appleton is a wonderful place to grow up, but I believe that I’m ready to further explore not only the avenues and alleys of Milwaukee, but of myself. From my three-month residency here, I have learned much, as well as experienced much. I don’t know what I’m going to find, but it will change me for the better, and if not that, then it will be interesting, to say the least. It’s all very exciting, isn’t it?

This post feels oddly inconclusive, as I still feel like I have to come back into the office tomorrow morning. I’ve grown accustomed to my schedule as an intern, and to the inner-dynamic of the office. However, now, where I’m going to enjoy the new liberty of sleeping past 9 am on week days, one thing that I will for sure miss are my co-workers (all of them). Each one has been accommodating and kind. They have in one way or another, been helpful, and I appreciate them. I’m thankful for this opportunity to work in my field of interest, and yet while I am saddened to leave the comforts of my position, which by now is well broken-in and tuned up, I am glad to make my leave, for it is on good terms, and is a part of life. I am moving on to other, and hopefully better, stories and kicks. My life thus far is only a fraction of what I will experience in this world, and I’m glad that you’ve shared this slice of it with me. I have known good company in this city, and now I’m going to have a try with something larger. Thank you Appleton, thank you FOX CITIES Magazine.

—Sean P. Lyons

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