Grand Opera House


Kiss the Cook

Couples running restaurants put the passion in foodservice. Marriage is a recipe combining equal parts love, honor and respect, mixed with dashes of humor, dedication and patience. All delicately poured into a home and baked with personal pursuits, dreams and ambitions. As we look into the lives of married restaurant owners, we find that love READ MORE

Modern Medicine

This month, we bring to you the medical marvels making a marked impact in our community one patient, program or surgery at a time. Hypothermia Saving Lives Russell Sova remembers eating lunch with his family on August 4, 2010. Suddenly it’s a day later and the 66-year-old Kaukauna man is lying in a hospital bed READ MORE

The Figure of Fifty

Fox Citians face 50 feeling mentally, physically and emotionally fit. The popular saying is “over the hill” but the sudden new challenges many 50-year-olds face make the incline much steeper. Celebrating the big “five-oh” brings with it a mix of physical, mental and emotional elements. As we learn from some Fox Citians, fifty isn’t always READ MORE

Taking Direction: Community Theater

While Community Theater troupes warm up each summer for a season of storytelling, the casts and companies have a tale of their own. Not until you’re seated do you begin to comprehend the true tenor of ‘community’ in Community Theater. Filing in around you are your neighbors, colleagues, librarians, dentists, doctors and youth. Once the READ MORE

Shifting Gears

Outdoor cycling is a fun summer sport that is good for the human race. Be it camaraderie, confidence or competition, biking has serious perks. An activity fit for teenagers, grandparents and avid racers alike, it’s the recreation that keeps most cyclists riding. And there are health benefits, too. The cardiovascular exercise builds muscular endurance, strengthens READ MORE

Rate of Exchange

Being 18 years old is tough. For those who are parenting teenagers, you know this task can be equally as difficult. But despite the challenges, each year several local families open their homes and hearts to international high school students who travel to the Fox Cities to experience life in the United States. Lorraine Chibanda READ MORE

Back to Basics

It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Scouting Anymore One of the country’s largest youth organizations, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) will celebrate its centennial this month. Founded by Chicago businessman William Boyce on February 8, 1910, the institution is considered essential to young boys in the Fox Cities, teaching them how to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, READ MORE

Weddings: All Things Considered

Fox Cities couples are hitting some of the biggest wedding trends of the New Year. Are you ready to take notes? MEET THE BRIDES Courtney Walker-Tessendorf imagines herself pulling up in a 1940s car. She steps out in her vintage gown, walks down the aisle amidst an intimate crowd gathered in Menasha’s Smith Park. Groom READ MORE