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The Great Outdoors

A rendering of the Interactive Children's Learning Garden.

Outside spaces bring the arts to life, naturally Nature inspires, invigorates and cultivates creativity. It is a fitting backdrop for concerts, performances and interactive education. Two local organizations are giving their outdoor spaces some serious upgrades in an effort to create artful experiences for Northeast Wisconsin residents of all ages. Interactive Childrenʼs Learning Garden This READ MORE

Rocks, Roots and Revenue

Frances Anne Hopkins’ “Going Up the Rapids” painting depicts what it may have been like for early settlers to have to portage around the rapids of the Fox River.

We are all enchanted by Wisconsin’s natural beauty and excited by its abundance of recreational opportunities. Whether enjoying the view of a sparkling blue lake, cascading waterfall or rocky bluff, did you ever stop to think about why that feature is there? Why is the bluff in one place and not in another, or why READ MORE

Feeding the Fox Valley


A brand-new, 40,000-square-foot warehouse in Little Chute is home to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin’s new Fox Valley facility, a northern hub that is doing good work to end hunger in Wisconsin. Since its launch Nov. 1, the new space has been opening doors for more volunteer engagement, creative innovation and quality food for the community’s READ MORE

Cooking up a restoration

Posted on Mar. 1, 2016 by Amy Hanson
Possible restored kitchen design courtesy of Nancy Nygaard of Studio Kitchens of Appleton

Period furnishings, the hope for a display space, a need for a meeting area and a desire for a modern kitchen, mixed in with some hard work, determination and funding are the necessary ingredients for creating a Victorian kitchen at the Hearthstone Historic House Museum in Appleton. A restored kitchen would serve as a complement READ MORE

Exhibit speaks to creation of talking dolls

Posted on Mar. 1, 2016 by Amy Hanson

Long before dolls were saying phrases like “Mommy,” they were reciting the likes of nursery rhymes such as, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” thanks to the invention of the phonograph from Thomas Edison in 1887. The phonograph, which Edison decided to market in toys, was able to record voices. “Back then, he really questioned how READ MORE

Unique unions

Posted on Feb. 1, 2016 by Amy Hanson
Photo courtesy of Heritage Hill State Park

Once the ring has been selected and the question of marriage has been popped, then comes the task of planning the big day. For many couples, the first place to start with their wedding is selecting a date, which goes hand in hand with finding a memorable venue. “I think it’s a little girl’s dream READ MORE

A Date with Books

Posted on Feb. 1, 2016 by Amy Hanson

Getting lost with an intriguing character, enveloped in a scene set through remarkable prose or simply filling your mind with the accounts of days gone by can be an inviting way to pass the time for many. These adventures and more await in a number of books and area libraries are capitalizing on the interest READ MORE

Farm to produce new crop of filmmakers

Posted on Jan. 1, 2016 by Amy Hanson

Carolyn and Wyatt Kuether have a vision to help foster youth in Wisconsin. A farm in the Village of Kossuth could grow that plan into a remarkable concept. “We were looking for something within that area,” notes Carolyn, former company manager of the York Theatre Company. Wyatt is an actor from MTV2’s “Guy Code” and READ MORE

­Novel urban market adds arts appeal

Posted on Jan. 1, 2016 by Amy Hanson

First came Pulse Young Professionals Network, next came an urban market known as, The Artery, which continues to pump new vision into the Fox Cities art scene. “It’s one of these things when you have this idea, but don’t know if anybody will think it’s cool like you do,” says Adrienne Palm, director of Leadership READ MORE

New arts space, shop brings creative verve

Posted on Jan. 1, 2016 by Kate Mothes

The two-story brick building in downtown Hortonville looks much like any other mid-century municipal building. Until recently, it was the police station for this village of less than 3,000, about 15 minutes west of Appleton. But in the last year, Standard Projects, located at 111 S. Nash St., has already established itself as an original, READ MORE