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Artist Spotlight

Lisa Thunder

Posted on Nov. 1, 2016 by Hibah Ansari

Appleton-based toymaker Lisa Thunder has revolutionized the market by creating toys that are fun for children, yet aesthetically pleasing for parents. Her product line, The Homespun Market, is classic, modern and soft, yet refined with a vintage flair. Thunder, a mom of four by day and toy designer by night, creates unique toy food meant READ MORE

Amie Kesler

Photo by Shaun Pitts

Flourishing in an under-appreciated art medium, Amie Kesler is a Green Bay cross-stitch artist hoping to bring positivity into the lives of others with her designs. As a child, Kesler learned the art of cross-stitch from her grandmother. “When I was really young, I was always around it. I actually still use her book,” Kesler READ MORE

Kayla C. Gerrits

Hoenn Map Pokemon

Most people may think of video games as a fun way to pass time and get lost in stories, but for Appleton illustrator Kayla C. Gerrits, they fuel her artistic passion and desire. Gerrits is a digital artist with a diverse array of styles. Always eager to try out something new, her inspirations can range READ MORE

Paul Wiegel


If you frequent the Princeton Flea Market or Oshkosh Farmers Market, you may have seen Paul Wiegel, founder of the Fox River Poetry Company. He’s the one wearing a Panama hat, hunched over a 1957 Smith Corona Sterling typewriter. A chalkboard sign next to him reads “Poems $5. Any topic while you wait.” “I’m partial READ MORE

Beth Servais

Posted on Jun. 1, 2016 by Anh Ta

Whether it is painting, drawing, murals or collage, Beth Servais brings to life her personal experiences and continually draws inspirations from her love for picture books, marbles and nature. Servais’s art not only reflects her stories, but it also brings people together. Servais is truly multi-interested and multi-talented. She started college at UW-Green Bay as READ MORE

The Texture of Community

Bike design for Vagabond Imports for Fiber Rain 2013. 
Photo courtesy of Kassie Herbst

According to display signs in most museums, art is meant to be seen and not touched. Artist and clothing designer Kassie Herbst disagrees. Herbst, also a painter and photographer, was drawn to knitwear design while employed at Iris Fine Yarns, a yarn store in Appleton. “The owner wanted to bring my patterns into her shop READ MORE

Variety and vivacity


Whether depicting plants, animals, buildings or people, Kathryn Wedge’s paintbrush brings life that is at once soft and vibrant, representational and stylized, to the canvas. With an eclectic background ranging from architecture to graphic design, Wedge melds various influences into one distinct character through her painting. “I have been doing art since I was probably READ MORE

Kinetic art balances physics, fantasy


Balance. Motion. Energy. Wonder. These are the captivating elements of Dean Flaig’s dynamic mobiles and their stationary counterparts, stabiles. Flaig’s pieces range from abstract forms that utilize color and shape to figures that reference nature, wildlife and objects like sailboats. What most people don’t realize is the physics and engineering that go into creating a READ MORE

Bejeweled in beads and more


After making jewelry for a decade, Lea Peot continues to create one-of-a-kind designs for her customers. Prior to starting her business, she had experimented with bead weaving on a loom, which led to the creation of her now signature pieces — Treasure Bracelets and Treasure Pendants. “These very wearable bracelets and pendants are woven on READ MORE

Appleton illustrated


Downtown Appleton isn’t just a destination for digital illustrator Emily Reetz; it’s also inspiration for her whimsical artwork. Reetz, born and raised in the Fox Valley, is a hometown enthusiast deeply entrenched in the Appleton art scene. Her breakout series is focused on capturing the spirit of the iconic places and spaces of her vibrant READ MORE