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What does the Fox say?

What Does the Fox Say_

Today marks one week since I’ve been back in my hometown. It’s been seven days now since my mom and I packed up my car tetris-style, boxes and drawers wedged all the way up to the ceiling. It’s no small wonder that we had to build the Leaning Pile of Luggage; that was nine months’ READ MORE

Introvert’s Guide to the Fox Cities: Introduction

Posted on May. 22, 2017 by Dan Meyer

Bubbles can be downright exhausting. Throw a rock in any direction during the summer months and you’re bound to hit 28 bubbly, overflowing descriptions of local landmarks and events. Trees, taken for granted after they’ve shed their leaves, become “awe-inspiring.” Community members attending the opening of a neighborhood’s fourth hair salon become “ecstatic.” The list READ MORE

Intern Intro: Nicole


Get to know Nicole, our newest editorial intern… Name: Nicole Witmer Age: 19 and 3/4 Hometown: Plainfield, IL School attending: Lawrence University Tell us about your background: I am a sophomore at Lawrence University and plan on graduating in 2019. I am majoring in English and contemplating a minor in Communications. I played volleyball for READ MORE

Learning the Land: Why it Matters


As we’ve seen in this blog series, learning about the geology of an area can reveal fascinating secrets and intricate associations between ancient processes and modern civilization. Not only that, it allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us, and how billions of years of geologic change have shaped the planet READ MORE

To Infinity–And Beyond!

Posted on Sep. 6, 2016 by Katie Nelson
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All across the country, stores are putting up Valentine’s Day decorations, which can only mean one thing: It’s almost September. Summer is just about over. Today is my last day as a Fox Cities Magazine Editorial Intern, and this week I’ve been finishing up my last few assignments, packing for study abroad, and reminding myself that READ MORE

Telling the New Histories: Shenandoah Books, Etc.

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“The name ‘Shenandoah’ is my grandmother’s. She’s a medicine woman, and so then the name went from Scandoa to some form of Shenandoah, and then I’m Skenandore, now.” “So it even changed between you and your grandmother!” “Well, yeah, because the white people got involved. I call that the ‘whitenizing.’” I sit in Shenandoah Books, READ MORE

More Than A Book Store


As I wandered through The Book Store, an Appleton shop on Northland Avenue, I was reminded of a labyrinth. The bookshelves throughout the store weren’t set up in straight rows, but in perpendicular rows that created dead ends and nooks and crannies, each themed with one genre or another. Whether or not this was intentional, READ MORE